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Emmanuel “Manny” Scott is a Brooklyn, New York based percussionist from Atlanta, Georgia. He specializes in classical and world percussion and believes that education and performance work together to create great musicians and elevate your own musicianship. He strives to learn as much about percussion as possible and play as many instruments as he can. 


As a percussionist, Manny has performed in a variety of places and organizations. He has been in many wind ensembles, jazz bands, orchestras, musical theater pits, and marching bands. He was the principal percussionist for the Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra, and also a member of the SIFest Orchestra for their summer Opera and music festival. He is also currently a percussionist of the Colour of Music Festival Orchestra, which is an organization dedicated to spreading the music and performances of African American Musicians and composers. 


Manny has received a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Tennessee State University, and a Master’s degree in Percussion Performance from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. He currently teaches music at Liberty Avenue Middle School in Brooklyn, and is also a percussion instructor for the Marching Cobras in Harlem. Throughout all of his teaching, Manny maintains an active performance schedule that he immensely enjoys. 

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